man providing IMAC IT services

IMAC IT Services

Easily install, add, move, or change your IT infrastructure with help from our 500+ global field engineers.

Global IT IMAC-D Capabilities

The IMAC Services offering is designed to alleviate the high cost incurred by organizations when utilizing expensive IT staff members to perform routine tasks. The Park Place Technologies service provides businesses with highly trained and experienced technical resources globally to perform a variety of IT infrastructure related support tasks when you need to install, move, add, change, or de-install.

IMAC-D Use Cases

Infrastructure engineers/technicians perform services such as:
  • Install
    • New installation and verification of infrastructure devices into cabinets, racks or enclosures from shipping box to green light power
  • Move
    • Gracefully power down equipment, physical de-install, and move from one cabinet/rack/enclosure to another location
  • Add
    • Addition of components such as drives, memory, or modules to existing devices
  • Change
    • Access consoles and make configuration changes to existing devices at the customer’s direction
  • De-install
    • Equipment de-installation and disposition, including optional data destruction and recycling

What's Included

  • Included Features
    • Global availability for IMAC services
    • Provides cross-functional, multi-platform experienced engineer/technicians when and where needed
    • With over 950 spare parts locations worldwide, Park Place Technologies engineers/technicians are always nearby (“Globally Local”)
    • Reduces the risk of inadvertent outages by only leveraging seasoned engineers/technicians
    • Mature project coordination